Thursday, September 15, 2016

Starting to get back into it

I was looking through the Slashem, and then SlashTHEM code, pondering adding some new artifacts, when I decided to do something nice and fix all the indentation problems in the code.  A lot of the issues stem from mixing of Tabs and Spaces.  I personally prefer spaces since tab-sizes can be changed depending on the text editor you're using, so I changed all tabs to spaces.  Whatever your preference, tabs or spaces, I think we can all agree they shouldn't be mixed.

Fortunately, this who process was as simple as running indent -nut -kr on all the source files.  I discovered this very old, simple tool when working for a company that used the GNU indentation style, which if you're not familiar with it, is a steaming pile of horse shit that should never have been invented (Thanks Stallman!).

You can clone the SlashTHEM git repository here:

Then just download and apply my patch to fix all the indentation to use indentation of four spaces per indentation level:


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